Looking for the perfect activity for a bachelor or a bachelorette party ?

You are in charge of a Bachelor or Bachelorette party and you’re looking for the perfect activity?

Look no further, the escape game is THE fun and original activity you’ll never forget!

The advantage of The Little Red Door ?

Let us know in advance if you want to personalize your session by adding small gifts (which you’ll have to provide). They will be hidden in the safes from The Last Robbery scenario.

The Little Red Door Scenarios


Many years ago, some deadly event took place in the Van Embergs’ mansion. The house has remained haunted by a ghost ever since... The new owners have decided to call your ghost hunters team. You have one hour to catch the spirit that haunts the place


The Last Robbery

You infiltrate the Royal Bank to steal the loot. First, you will be split in two working groups, one in the sewers, the other one in the video control room. Try and collect as many gold bars as you can before the police arrives.


Bunker B-57: Plutonium Expedition!

We are in 2052, since the nuclear war of 1960 humanity lives in shelters powered by Plutonium. New Atlanta is running out of it, the situation is critical. Your team goes on an expedition into an abandoned bunker to get plutonium and save the city!


The Aztec Temple: The MAYAN Prophecy - 3 to 7 players

The prophecy announces that every 50 year, the stars align and the Teotikal Mayan temple can be accessed for one hour. Professor Mointilac puts your team of explorers in charge for this mission. Your goal: stealing one of the legendary crystal skull, and get out of the temple before it collapses. Your team is made prisoner by indigenous people who live near the temple.

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